Identity, Belonging, Power and Place

Identity, Belonging, Power and Place
A free, half-day event hosted by the Cultural Significance of Place Research Group at Newcastle University.
Friday 15th March 2013
Culture Lab Space 7
The Cultural Significance of Place Research Group is delighted to welcome the following for the first in a series of free, half-day events held at Newcastle University:
Prof. Floya Anthias:‘Hierarchies of social location and belonging: a translocational framing’
(Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Social Justice, Roehampton University, Visiting Professor, City University)
Sophie Yarker:‘Being ‘comfortable’ in place: Narratives of local belonging’
(Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies)
Kat Lloyd: ‘Young people’s narratives of belonging and exclusion in Scotland: place and the shifting boundaries of national identity’
(International Centre of Culture and Heritage Studies)
Dr. Ian Biddle:‘Between goles and zakhor: music, nationalism and Jewish historiography in Eastern Europe before the Shoah’
(International Centre for Music Studies)
Dr. Stephanie Lawler:‘Fixed in space and time: representations of the English white working class’
(School of Geography, Politics and Sociology)
Bringing together researchers from diverse subject areas, this event will consider notions of ‘place’ in relation to identity construction and expression, narratives of belonging and exclusion, ideas of ‘the local’ and distributions of power and space. Through discussion, we aim to share insights and approaches, explore and address new questions and find new synergies, points of contact and collaborations. We warmly invite you to join us!
No need to book – all are welcome
There will be tea and coffee at 12.30 and a wine reception from 4.30.

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