Difference, Culture, Conflict and Place

Difference, Culture, Conflict and Place
A free, half-day event hosted by the Cultural Significance of Place Research Group at Newcastle University.
Friday 26th April 2013
Culture Lab Space 7
The Cultural Significance of Place Research Group is delighted to welcome the following for the second in a series of free, half-day events held at Newcastle University:
Dr Mitch Rose: ‘Restoring the Question of Culture’
(Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences,University of Hull)
Jenny Lloyd: ‘’Embodying Difference: A Study of Expatriate Women in Singapore’
(Geography, Politics and Sociology)
Prof. Anoop Nayak:‘Inhabiting the Uninhabitable:  Chavs, Chavettes and Pram-face Girls, Rethinking Representations of Working-Class Youth’
(Social and Cultural Geography)
Prof. Christopher Whitehead: ‘Dealing with Difference in Museums: Pronouns and Peoples’
(International Centre for Culture and Heritage Studies)
Anthony Schrag: ‘conflict social conflict’
(Fine Art)
Toby Lloyd and Andrew Wilson: ‘Convention, Habit or Custom’
(The NewBridge Project, Newcastle)
Bringing together researchers from diverse subject areas, this event will consider how we see, claim, embody, inhabit or think about ‘difference’ in varying spaces and places, questioning both why it is we persist in the endeavour to articulate ‘difference’ and how we choose to represent and work with those perceived as dissimilar to ourselves.
Through discussion, we aim to share insights and approaches, explore and address new questions and find new synergies, points of contact and collaborations. We warmly invite you to join us!
No need to book – all are very welcome
Please join us for coffee and cake at 12.30 and a wine reception from 4.30

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