Why the colonial new world could be a mirror to understand better our global world?

Research Seminar
Professor Serge Gruzinski
Latin American history and global history: Why the colonial new world could be a mirror to understand better our global world?
Friday 1st November, 10-12, Alnwick Room, Kings Road Centre, Newcastle University

Professor Serge Gruzinski, Research Director at the National Scientific Research Center (CNRS, Paris), Director of Studies at l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and a current Visiting Scholar at the Programme of Latin American Studies at Princeton University, is one of the most distinguished historians of Hispanic-American cultures. Gruzinski has been recognized for his fruitful and significant contribution to the progress of American and global history. Some of his most recent books are The mestizo mind: The intellectual dynamics of colonization and globalization (1999, translated to English in 2002); What time is it there? America and Islam at the dawn of modern times (2002, translated to English in 2010); Les Quatre parties du monde. Histoire d’une mondialisation (2004), L’aigle et le dragon. Démesure et mondialisation au XVIe siècle (2012). An example of the impact of his vision and work is reflected in the exhibition he curated in 2008, “Planète métisse : to mix or not to mix”, for the Musée du quai Branly in Paris.

The seminar will be co-convened by the Americas Research Group, the School of History, Classics and Archeology and the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology; and it is also belatedly one of the academic events of the 2013 Vamos Festival (http://www.vamosfestival.com/).

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