Performing Research Studio

Performing Research Studio is a 12 session long project open to all Newcastle University staff and students who are keen to work in a creative and cross-disciplinary context.

Thursdays: beginning 28th November
Space 4/5, Culture Lab, Newcastle University

6:15pm: Light refreshments and unstructured activities
6:45pm – 8:45pm: workshop
8:45pm – 9:15pm: open reflection session

This project has limited availability so please book early by visiting our website or by calling Katy on 07796478024.

Performing Research is a new project exploring how theatre and drama processes can build, strengthen and add value to partnerships between universities and communities. Theatre company Cap-a-Pie and teaching fellow, at Newcastle University, Michael Richardson will explore how theatre can create appropriate and rewarding pathways to impact, a vehicle for disseminating research and a means of conducting community engaged research.

Long-term we want to develop a programme of theatre-based research at Newcastle University that will engage communities. We hope this will be a project that researchers, and the communities we work and learn alongside, will truly value and be proud of.

To begin, Performing Research Studio will offer a series of highly practical, playful and reflective workshops. Cap-a-Pie and Michael Richardson will lead an exploration into how theatre cancreate new knowledge and understandings within an academic research context, as well discover how we can turn your ideas and explorations into exciting pieces of theatre.
Throughout, these creative workshops will be underpinned and contextualised within an academic and artistic framework as we are eager to discover the ways theatre making skills relate to academic research and teaching in Higher Education.

Studio will conclude with a scratch theatre event in Spring 2014 and, we hope, a residency at Northern Stage. We will share our explorations with an audience that will help us critique our work and help us determine next steps.

Alternatively we are keen to talk with and meet researchers on a one-to -one basis. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Cap-a-Pie if you’d like to discuss any ideas/questions you have.

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