Women On The Edge: Call for Papers

Women On The Edge
International Women’s Day 2014
Postgraduate and Early Career Research Conference
7th and 8th March 2014 at Queen’s University Belfast.

As homemakers, academics, politicians, and entrepreneurs, women’s
experience throughout history has been characterized by a contradictory tension
between marginalisation and pioneering leadership. This conference is a history
of being on the edge, exploring the ways in which women have been at times
marginalized and liminal figures whilst also being vanguards of change and
revolution. The 2014 International Women’s Day Conference at Queen’s
University Belfast will explore what it means for a woman to be on the edge in
different socio-historical contexts. From history, literature, theatre and fine arts,
to sociology, politics, economics, and law, we invite abstracts from
postgraduate and early career researchers that interrogate these fragmentations
in women’s contemporary and historical experiences. Potential topics include,
but are not limited to, exploring how women are on the edge of:

– War, Violence and Extremism
– Bodies and Politics
– Medicine and Health
– Queer Culture
– Media and Popular Culture
– Literature, language and writers
– Race, Civil Rights, and Activism
– Class, Labour, and Capitalism
– Colonialism
– Enlightenment and Education
– Criminal Activity
– Business
– Religion, Philanthropy
– Girlhood and Adolescence

We invite abstracts of 300 words for 20-minute presentations.
The deadline for abstracts is 5pm on Friday 24 January 2014.

Please email abstracts to iwd2014@qub.ac.uk and see our website for more details

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