Call for Papers: Maps and Mapping

‘Maps and Mapping’
Friday 25th April (12.30-5pm) Space 7, Culture Lab

Bringing together researchers from diverse subject areas, this half-day event hosted by the Cultural Significance of Place Research Group will explore a number of approaches to maps and mapping, including mobile and performative mapping, basic principles of map readership, the challenge of representing place and personal connection, and new ways of thinking about space. The event features talks from Chris Perkins (The University of Manchester), Dr Catherine Delano-Smith (University of London), Dr David Fairbairn (Newcastle University) and Prof. Wolfgang Weileder (Newcastle University).

We now welcome abstracts from early career researchers and research students at Newcastle University who would like to take part [e.g. by giving a paper, running an activity, performing or presenting work in progress for no more then 20 minutes]. Abstracts should be no more than 200 words and should be sent to Emma Coffield ( by Friday 4th April.

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