Call for Papers: The 2014 Annual GSA Conference – ‘Cultural Encounters and Global Connectivity’

The 2014 Annual GSA Conference – ‘Cultural Encounters and Global Connectivity’

The 2014 Annual Global Studies Association Conference
York St John University, York, Thursday, 26 June – Saturday, 28 June, 2014

Keynote speakers (confirmed): Robert J. Holton (Trinity College Dublin), Alan Rice (Central Lancashire) and Roland Robertson (University of Pittsburgh and University of Aberdeen)

Cultural encounters – both as cultural phenomena and a concept – gain momentum across the social sciences and humanities within an interdisciplinary dialogue that calls for new analytical tools to explain conditions of global connectivity. While there is already a well-established literature on the ways in which cultural encounters translate experiences of identity and difference in an interconnected and postcolonial world, new approaches to cultural encounters in relation to issues of power, global inequalities, cosmopolitanism, digital communication, and borders (cultural and political) foreground new questions and controversies in play within and across disciplinary divisions. The 2014 Annual GSA Conference is particularly interested in generating lively inter-disciplinary discussions while bringing to the fore new theoretical positions and empirical analyses of cultural encounters as an analytical lens to explain current and past global connections. What kinds of cultural translations between western and non- western modes of thought are made possible by cultural encounters? What is the relation between virtual, imagined and embodied encounters? What new encounters and connections are being made and how? How do ‘new digital technologies facilitate/ hinder this ‘newness’? How adequate and valid are theories which conceptualise cultural encounters as a type of connection? How useful is the notion of cultural encounter to explain new forms of transnational socio-political struggle and political participation?

We welcome contributions from members and interested participants working from within a variety of disciplines across the social sciences and the humanities, such as literary studies, cultural studies, media studies, sociology, anthropology, IR, geography, political science, and cultural history.

We welcome proposals for papers in any of the following areas:

Postcolonial studies
Beyond ‘ World Literature’
Food studies
Migrant identities and mobilities
Cosmopolitan encounters
Digital diasporas
Encountering ‘the other: Travel writing
Orientalism and Occidentalism
Transnational cinema
Behind the scenes at the Museum:memorializing encounter, telling of trauma
Digital technologies and new forms of ’encounter’
Tourism and heritage studies
New pedagogies and the global classroom
Language studies and linguistics : World English and beyond
Translation and cultural encounters
Theology and spirituality
From Interdisciplinary to interplanetarity:beyond the global
Encounters and the war on terror
Borders, connectivity and transnational politics
Borders in translation
New protest movements
The global city: urban encounters

Proposals for papers should take the form of a 300 word abstract. The organisers will allocate papers to an appropriate panel. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 4 April 2014. Please send to conference organizer Maria Rovisco at

For more information visit our website

You can now register for the Conference here

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