10 Post-Graduate / Early Career Places at ‘Heritage Exchange’

Heritage Exchange
14-15 July 2014

Heritage Exchange will bring together heritage sector leaders and thinkers to discuss the most pressing challenges and opportunities for heritage now and in the future.

Organised by the Heritage Lottery Fund, in partnership with the Royal Society for the Arts, Heritage Exchange is a major thought-leadership event, focusing on new ways of working in a radically different economic and public funding environment. With national and international speakers, the conference aims to champion the resilience and sustainability of heritage, helping the sectors HLF supports to develop new ways of working to survive and thrive, and to learn from each other.

Participation in Heritage Exchange is by invitation and the Heritage Lottery Fund would like to extend this invitation to 10 Postgraduate/Early Career Researchers interested in the economic, social or cultural value of heritage, its uses and its future. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute fresh perspectives, which have the potential to influence future directions for heritage.

Attendees will be encouraged to actively participate and engage with the conference proceedings and produce a post-conference reflection to help inform ongoing dialogue with the sector and to contribute to future policy and direction. This could be in the form of a blog or a short paper. An expenses bursary of up to £100 (on provision of receipts) is available.

To apply or find out more please contact ecr@hlf.org.uk or telephone Liz Girling on 029 20 234148. Completed Expression of Interest forms must arrive by 12 noon on Friday 9 May

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