Landscape Research Call for Papers: Arts, Knowledge and Northern Landscapes

This special issue of Landscape Research explores the relationship between art, knowledge and the landscapes of northern Europe, Asia and America. Histories of artistic representation of landscape have often reaffirmed the separation between the artist/ maker, the artistic product and the materiality of the landscape from which it emerges. Recent work in this field has aimed to rework the multiple refractions of landscape in the arts (visual art, music, sound art, and so on) by exploring the complexities of that process, specifically the embedded nature of art and/or artist in the landscape. Critical to those complexities is the question of knowledge of the landscape; the ownership of different types of knowledge; its exchange and multiple uses in interaction; the curation and archiving of knowledge; or how artistic representation itself can serve as knowledge of a specific moment in landscape history. An example of the latter is the art of Turner or Britten’s musical compositions and their relationship to the landscape of East Anglia.

More recently the multiple archival and artistic project of Richard Skelton has attempted to understand the landscapes of the north through sound, photography, poetry, composition, historical practice and travelogue. It has created new ways of thinking about how to know a landscape, in this case the landscape of Northern England and Ireland. Understanding the art and music of the north in its many manifestations is a clear aim of this special issue and we are interested in exploring the multiple northern landscapes of our imaginations and our knowledge and artistic practice.

We are interested in a broad range of different topics and approaches to the arts, knowledge and landscape, including research-based articles from artists, musicians, academics and curators, all of whom must have an interest in the idea of the north and its representation.

Suggested themes might include the following:

• The north of migration and population movement, travel and maps and the multiple cartographies of art and
• The idea of the frozen north including arctic cultures and arts of Canada, North America and the Russian Federation.
• Fictional, artistic and musical depictions of the north which aim to understand the relationship between knowledge
and northern landscapes.
• Knowledge of the rural north and how knowledge exchange processes can help us understand the role of art in the landscape.
• The sound of landscape and how field recordings and sound art can invite new ways of thinking about aural landscape topographies.
• The role of place and locality in generating knowledge and artistic discourses upon space.
• The philosophy, epistemology and methodology of understanding the landscape
of arts and music.

Submitted papers should be between 3,000-7,000 words in length and may be constructed as standard research papers, review papers, viewpoints or think pieces.

Information about Landscape Research can be found at:

Submission guidelines for the journal are available at:

All submissions should be via the Manuscript Central system:

The deadline for first submissions is 31 December 2014. If you would like to submit, please contact the journal in the first instance with your suggested abstract before 31 July 2014. Provisional publication date for the special issue is 2016.

Send abstracts and enquiries to:

Anna Jorgensen, Editor

Crista Walshaw, Editorial Assistant


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