The 404th Wall – Seeking Extra Dimensional Explorers – Participant Application

NewBridge Project Space
30 October-8 November 2014

Hosted by The NewBridge Project, The 404th Wall is a satellite project of the 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEADubai). Referencing both Denis Diderot’s term “breaking the fourth wall” in which the boundary between audience and performer is removed, and the dreaded 404 Internet Error Code, The 404th Wall presents a series of daily live-streamed events between Newcastle and Dubai in an evolving participatory installation.

Drawing inspiration from Calvino’s Invisible Cities, we are seeking reality testers to explore and map the uncharted territory that exists beyond the 404th wall. Using experimental approaches with both fictional and real scenarios, we will investigate and design new methods to para-extra-interdimensional cartography.

With your crucial support and dynamic navigational skills, together we will explore questions such as: How do we understand a place that doesn’t exist? How do we communicate across the physical and digital divides? How do we form personal and cultural emblems to represent places that are new to us?

Successful Extra Dimensional Explorers are invited to attend one or more sessions.
Participation is free and open to the general public. Sessions take place daily* 30 October-8 November between 5pm and 7pm. Feel free to bring a packed lunch.

If you feel you have the right stuff to be an EDE, please send your expression of interest,
including the date(s) you would prefer to participate, to:


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