Call for papers: CLACS PG Conference – “Conflict and Cohesion: Facing Crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean”

13th March 2015
Newcastle University

Latin America and the Caribbean is an extremely diverse region. Despite differences between countries, they share a long history of crisis, struggles and renewal; strongly influencing their development models, which in many cases controvert mainstream economics and policy. Although much of the region has shown remarkable resilience to the global economic crisis, Latin America and the Caribbean still face tremendous challenges, both because of, and beyond, their economic performance. Social indicators maintain high rates of poverty, the global production system exerts vast pressures over the cultural and environmental resources, internal conflict and post-conflict situations remain unsolved, and a stable democracy is still, in many cases, under construction. Reactions and responses to these issues have been as diverse as the countries themselves – one only need look at artistic, musical and literary production, at media representation, at new social movements, and at policy initiatives to see the huge variety of ways in which Latin America and the Caribbean deal, and have dealt, with crisis.

The 2015 CLACS PG conference focuses on outlining the different forms of crisis faced by the region, as well as the strategies pursued to overcome those situations and to build a renewed society. The conference welcomes postgraduate students (both masters and doctoral) from all disciplines to share their research and experience based on Latin America and the Caribbean, within a friendly, supportive and collaborative environment, including a social event at the end of the afternoon. The conference will also provide an opportunity to strengthen links amongst researchers exploring the region from a wide range of disciplines.

We welcome submissions on (but not exclusive to) the following themes:

Race and ethnicity
Social and environmental conflicts

Abstracts: An abstract of 300 words to be sent no later than 5th January 2015 to The selected speakers will be notified on 15th January.

For enquiries or more information, please contact us:
Please join us on Facebook: and Twitter: @NclacsPG

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