Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild

26-28th March 2015
Newcastle University

The Wild Poster

This international cross-disciplinary conference, organised by the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University, will bring together scholarly communities for knowledge exchange and debate. It aims to consider the discourses that swirl around concepts of wilderness, wildness, wildscape, re-wilding, wilding and the wild. It will seek to explore the place of thee notions in the contemporary imagination, whilst giving an account of their continuing agency for academics, professionals and all those engaged in landscape issues.

Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild will take place over two days at Newcastle University, with a third day of facilitated trips to explore notions of wilderness and the wild in Northumberland, North Pennines and Wild Teeside.

Keynotes: Professor Bill Adams / Dr Steve Carver / Jay Griffiths / Dr Anna Jorgensen / Paul Kingsnorth

Themes: The Urban Wild / Rewilding vs the Cultural Landscape / Future Imaginaries of Landscape / Wilderness as a State of Mind / Reclaimed and Restored Landscapes / The End of Environmentalism?

Registration: Early bird until Friday 6th February 2015. For registration and accommodation information please visit

The Wild Practice in Academia? Wednesday 25th March. Workshop for PhD Students whose research focuses on creative practice or who are interested in cross-disciplinary working with creative practitioners.


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