World Heritage Site Architecture and Conservation Series 2015: SANDRA ROBERTSON

April 2015 lecture poster(1)

We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause, and will inform you of other arrangements in due course.

SANDRA ROBERTSON: “Sustainability: is the planning term a convenience too far or a useful tool in an increasingly managed world?”

The lecture is aimed at stimulating discussion from the audience about an admittedly controversial subject. The offer to speak personally was made in response to feedback comments of some of last year’s student attendees of the lectures who requested more practitioner and planning decision making perspectives. The presentation draws on types of scenarios reflecting recent and current challenges and real or perceived opinions on ‘sustainability’. It will highlight sometimes conflicting expectations and some of the differing perspectives and legal obligations of those who interact and play a part in influencing the character and experience of our living, working and changing Durham WHS.

With a natural interest in human geography and environmental design and a strong link with the urban landscape of her native North East, Sandra has held Consultant or Senior Planning Officer positions for most of her career, largely dealing with planning applications at Tyne and Wear Development Corporation, Gateshead MBC, Tynedale District Council and Durham County Council. Between 2009 and 2014 Sandra held specialist management roles culminating in Heritage, Landscape and Design Team Leader in the Planning and Assets service. She has stepped down from that fulltime role now and is in a time limited part time singular role for specific projects. Since 2005 Sandra has also run a Sole Practitioner Consultancy, where she has worked on specific commissions and problematic cases, such as the Cockermouth Conservation Area Appraisal, the “Heritage at Risk” development challenges for Axwell Hall and community led high street regeneration in Gateshead, and the funding application and planning permission for expansion for Hartlepool Hospice.

The talk will be followed by a drinks reception in the World Heritage Site Centre.

PLEASE NOTE THAT PLACES FOR THIS LECTURE ARE LIMITED. Please book your place by writing to Raffaella Aliprandi at

Would you also let Raffella know whether or not you will be attending the reception afterwards, for catering purposes.

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