CALL FOR PAPERS: ‘Multiculturalism, Education and Place

Wednesday 20th January 2016, 12.30-5pm
Room 2.09 Armstrong Building, Newcastle University

What is ‘multiculturalism education’? Who does it, or should it, involve? How might a reassessment of multiculturalism education contribute to debates concerning social justice, spatial politics, and migration – and to practice and experience in the classroom?

Drawing together researchers and practitioners from varying subject areas, this CSoP event aims to explore the impact of cultural diversity on education, and features keynote talks from Prof. Greg Noble (Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney) and Associate Prof. Megan Watkins (Early Childhood Education, University of Western Sydney) with further presentations yet to be confirmed. It will explore the ‘moral career’ of the migrant over space and time, the ability of space to ‘teach’, and the everyday geopolitics encountered and navigated within the places and spaces of education. Further details can be found here:

We now welcome abstracts from research students and early career researchers from any subject area at Newcastle University who would like to contribute to this event e.g. by giving a paper, running an activity, performing, or presenting work in progress for around 20 minutes. Topics may include (although by no means are limited to):

  • Definitions of multiculturalism education, its boundaries, exclusions and status
  • Cultural and spatial pedagogies, embodiment, discipline and affect
  • The ‘placing’ of attitudes, experiences and practices of multiculturalism education
  • Spatial politics within the classroom/school/university
  • Geographies of equity and social justice
  • ‘Schooled’ identities and everyday geopolitics
  • Racism and the framing of educational policy
  • Cultural democracy and citizenship
  • Teacher activism

Please send abstracts or proposals of no more than 200 words to Emma Coffield ( by Friday 8th January 2016.

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