Exploring Mobility: A World in Flux

20-21st February 2016
Bedson Teaching Centre, Newcastle University

The International Development Society are organising our annual International Development Conference: ‘Exploring Mobility: A World in Flux’. This will be a platform for both orthodox and alternative approaches to international development, allowing a space to assess and discuss what has occured historically, is currently happening, and will happen in the future.

We will have an interesting mix of academics, practitioners, students, and others talk about issues of mobility from various social, economic, technological, and philosophical perspectives. On Saturday morning we will have a focus on the refugee crisis, with a Keynote from Machiel Salomons (Principal Policy Developer at the UNHCR) with brand new information from his recent trip to Turkey as well as a panel discussion on the situation where questions from the audience will be answered by Machiel and Frances Guy from Christian Aid. On Sunday morning we will have a look at technology and the ways in which it is used for development with talks from Chris Csikszentmihalyi (Co-Founder of the MIT Civic Media Lab) about the importance of technology in international development as well as Sugata Mitra (2013 TED Prize winner) who will answer the question of whether knowing has become obsolete. Will also have Reem Talhouk (from Open Lab) talking about technology and maternal health in Syrian Refugee Camps in Lebanon, as well as Vasilis Vlachokyriakos (RA at Open Lab) talking about self-organised solidarity movements and technology in Greece.

We also have a room filled with stalls of organisations related to topics of development, as well as a room dedicated to sharing art around the topic of ‘In a perfect world…’

Ticket prices:
£10 for a one day student ticket and £15 for a two day ticket.
Prices include free all you can drink freetrade tea and coffee, lunch, and a wine and beer reception on Saturday evening.

For more information, please visit the Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/545874135563446/)or our website (http://www.idsnewcastle.org/conference/). You can get tickets from: picatic.com/IDC2016

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