Mountains and Megastructures: Exhibition and Research Symposium

Wednesday 16 & Thursday 17 March 2016
The Gallery, Architecture Building

Mountains & Megastructures is a new initiative from Newcastle University’s Architecture Research Collaborative bringing together a diverse range of creative practice, historical, cultural and geographic research into large, landscape-scale artifices – mountainous, real, fictitious and otherwise.

Topics include mountainous landscapes from early endeavours to ‘conquer’ the Everest to Alphand’s picturesque artificial hills in Parc des Butt Chaumont in Paris, and their literal and figurative constructions and reconstructions at different scales from miniature megastructures such as the Apollo Pavilion to the concrete megastructures of the north-east, from the vertical megastructures of science fiction and the complex of megadams on the Tigris and Euphrates.

Exhibition opening: 17.30 – 19.30 Weds 16th March with keynote address from artist Stéphane Degoutin

Exhibitors include: Stasus’ ‘Everest Deathcamp’, Christos Kakalis ‘Moving Mountains’, Amy Butt, Prue Chiles, Rutter Carroll, Claire Harper, Seva Karetnikov & Matas Belevicius.

Research symposium: 10.00 – 17.00 Thurs 17th March with keynote address from architect Jonathan Hill

Speakers include: Rachel Armstrong, Andrew Ballantyne, Martin Beattie, Graham Farmer, Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes, Steve Graham, Zeynep Kezer, Adam Sharr & Mark Tewdwr-Jones.

All welcome but please book for the symposium at For further details please contact

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