Forced Displacement

1pm – 5pm, Wednesday 19th October
THE CORE, Science Central, Bath Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5TF
Including: Lunch and afternoon refreshments

The Institute for Social Renewal hosts a cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral research workshop focusing on the global issues surrounding the forced displacement of populations.

We are currently facing a global crisis with regards to “Forced Displacement”. Over 43 million people worldwide are forcibly displaced as a result of conflict and persecution, with 15 million of these citizens being refugees fleeing their home country and 27 million who are displaced within their homelands or “internally displaced” (UN, 2016). As well as those who are affected by conflict, there are an additional 19.3 million who are internally displaced due to disaster-induced issues (Internal Displacement Organisation, 2016). Issues affecting forcibly displaced populations include (for example) access to land, property and housing, poverty, service delivery, and responsive governance. In these difficult times, we must look to how research can feed into this area to potentially address such issues and help to alleviate this crisis.

We are therefore turning our attention to how Newcastle University can mobilise and facilitate transformational research in this area. This topic of research spans multiple disciplines such as sociology, law, film and media, agriculture, politics, education and health to name a few. However, as this is a multi-faceted and complex issue we cannot approach this from a single discipline nor a single sector, which is why academic colleagues will be looking to build collaborative partnerships not just with those in other disciplines but with partners from external agencies in order to develop and implement innovative and impactful solutions to the issues that are arising.

The session will features speakers who work in the area of Forced Displacement, with field and policy experience, who can offer an insight with regards to complex emergencies and forcible displaced persons in a variety of global contexts. Included speakers will be a representative from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, as well as a representative from an agency such as Amnesty International.

We will include a brief update on the Global Challenges Research Fund, and its focus on this area of work.

The main focus of the event is a collaborative practical session, working in discussion groups with colleagues from across the University and from various external agencies, to explore key issues impacting upon this area of research, and to develop potential collaborative “solutions” and projects to be taken forward.

Click here to register:

Any colleague from Newcastle University interested in developing work around this area, all disciplines are very welcome.

Colleagues from relevant external organisations who work in this area. Please let us know if you would like us to extend an invitation to any specific agency.

We have limited slots available for PGR students (available on a first come first served basis).

We hope you will join us at this event which is a great opportunity to bring colleagues together from across the University to explore this important cross cutting topic and its potential for future research.

For more information please contact: Lorna Wilson (Research Funding Support Manager)

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