School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Public Lecture Series 2016-17 Dr Ayona Datta

bb53b175-32e3-4502-81bb-021c662e3a88Thursday 10 November 17.30
Fine Art Lecture Theatre, Newcastle University

Winners and Losers: ‘Good Governance’ and Hashtag Citizenships in the making of India’s 100 Smart Cities Challenge

Dr Ayona Datta is Reader in Human Geography at Kings College London. Her research interests are in the critical geographies of smart urbanism, gender citizenships and urban futures in the global north and south. Earlier research examined the connections between transnational urbanism, migrant citizenship, and translocal geographies of belonging among East European construction workers in London. This research continues to develop theoretical and empirical work on slums and informal settlements in exploring how marginal social actors live through the violence of law and urban development in India. This is particularly related to the resultant transformations in gender relations and citizenship struggles that occupy social, political and environmental spaces of action.

Dr Datta’s more recent research seeks to advance theoretical and empirical work on postcolonial urbanism through the examination of smart cities as experiments in urban innovation and digital citizenships.

Events in the The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape’s Public Lecture Series are free and open to all. Please visit the website ( to book a place and view future events.


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