Berwick Visual Arts artist-in-residence: Gemma Burditt


Wednesday, 9th November, 4-5 pm
Room 305, Centre for Rural Economy, Agriculture Building, AFRD

Please join us for an introduction of our CRE – Berwick Visual Arts artist-in-residence, Gemma Burditt, for an event involving a screening of short extracts from previous works and a Q+A with the artist.

Gemma is an animation director and illustrator of short films and music videos. Her work examines human stories and how individuals negotiate their personal journeys through changes in the wider context, changes in political situations or conflict in personal truth versus societal expectations. Co-funded by the Arts Council England and the Institute for Sustainability, this year’s residency aims to explore and document sustainable milk production in Northumberland.

Coffee, tea, biscuits will be provided.

This event is organised by The Centre for Rural Economy (CRE) at Newcastle University – a research centre specialising in interdisciplinary social science, researching rural development and policy, food and society, and the wellbeing of rural communities.

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