Call for abstracts – The XXVII European Society for Rural Sociology Congress

Krakow, Poland
July 24-27th 2017

The theme for the conference is ‘Uneven processes of rural change: on diversity, knowledge and justice’. The ESRS conference will host 29 Working Groups situated along three broad thematic lines:

  1. Space, place and (in)equalities’ discusses how complex issues (including ageing, economic stagnation and restructuring, environmental justice and migration/mobility) often result in uncertain and different outcomes for different social groups or different places. While some places struggle to remain vibrant, others experience renewed vigour. These transformations give rise to many questions regarding economic viability, access to services, justice, equity across different social groups, inclusion and exclusion, and identity.
  2. The uneven developments in society and the changing position of science challenge theoretical as well as methodological and practical approaches to the rural. The second thematic line ‘Knowledges in processes of rural change’ questions the role and meaning of different knowledges in the context of change and transition in rural areas. Social movements, changing demographics and new constituencies are advocates for new kinds of knowledge that enrich, challenge and complement the well-established position of science and scientists.
  3. ‘Agri-food systems and the rural’ focuses on the growing importance of local, regional and global food systems and various food chain configurations in enabling sustainable rural development, delivering food security and ensuring social and environmental justice. It addresses critical processes and dynamics in contemporary agri-food systems like social innovation, partnerships among food actors, sustainable financing, ethics, the role of citizens and consumers. The thematic line explores promising initiatives as well as interlinkages and arrangements between agricultural, food, health, social, environmental and other policies that help to deliver food and nutrition security and bring about wider sustainability gains.

More information about the conference can be found at:

More information about each working group can be found at:

Deadline for abstracts: December 20th 2016.
Your abstract should include:

  • your name, affiliation and email address
  • title of the abstract
  • keywords (max 5)
  • abstract (200 – 400 words unless stated otherwise)

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