CITIZENSHIP & EQUALITY – Dame Vera Baird, QC, PCC Northumbria and Dr. Kaneez Shaid, MBE, Chair of Trustees, Citizens UK

Thursday 9th March 2017
17:30 to 18:45
Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University

Annual Tyneside Geographical Lecture (one of INSIGHTS public lectures at Newcastle University)
Joint with Royal Geographical Society

The event takes the form of a dialogue between two inspirational figures in public life, each providing unique insights on community alliances aimed at creating a sense of fairness and a platform for empowering marginalised voices. Vera Baird and Kaneez Shaid will explore identities of citizenship and equality that are forged in the public spaces of civil society – locally, nationally and in a broader ethic of care for human rights.

Vera Baird shares stories from her first years as Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria and before that as solicitor general and a long-time women’s rights campaigner. Current Tyneside initiatives include safeguarding the nightlife of the city, campaigning for victims of domestic violence and championing the living wage. This resonates with what Kaneez Shaid has to say on the influential work of Citizens UK, the ‘home of community organising’, best known for its successful living wage campaign. Insights from east London show how faith groups and resident groups can act together to support social justice, looking for common ground to bring people together. This offers timely inspiration for public geography research and engagement with voluntary sector partners- as we celebrate the contribution Newcastle Geography can make to the new alliance Tyne and Wear Citizens.


Vera Baird, QC, is currently Police & Crime Commissioner for Northumbria (first elected in 2012). She was Labour MP for Redcar between 2001 and 2010. As Solicitor General for England and Wales (2007-2010) she was particularly involved in gender and equalities policy: she was instrumental in the establishment of the Stern Review into how rape complaints are handled by the public authorities.

Kaneez Shaid, PhD, MBE, is Chair of Trustees of Citizens UK. She is personally and professionally involved in social justice and diversity in education and community organising in east London, combining voluntary sector campaigning with a high profile career as director of marking at the Sir George Monoux sixth form college. In 2013 she was awarded an MBE for services to young people and the community in east London.

This event is free, and all seats are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

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