Broken Chords Can Sing A Little

University of Leicester and Civic Leicester present..

Broken Chords Can Sing A Little
Isabel Lima (commissioned by Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art).
Tuesday 5th December, 6.30pm.


Episode One: Birds. Lima’s film addresses the migration crisis in general and the experience of displacement by Middlesbrough-based asylum seekers and refugees in particular. It explores the feelings, memories, anxieties, and aspirations of these groups against the backdrop of relevant governmental policies, news and public debates. The work brings Lima’s interviews with asylum seekers and refugees, charity workers and politicians together with found footage such as the television coverage of the Home Affairs Committee inquiry into the migration crisis.

It also includes scenes inspired by Aristophanes’ classical theatrical comedy The Birds, acted by asylum seekers and refugees, who wear bird masks to conceal their identities. The scenes take place in sites as varied as the Transporter Bridge, a Kurdish café and Middlesbrough’s Home Office reporting centre.

Speakers: Pierre Monforte, Maria Rovisco, Isabel Lima and Coleen Molloy.

Part of the 4th annual Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, 4 – 10 December 2017 (

You can book free tickets here:

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